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Electric Pool Cleaners

Swimmingpools are there to be enjoyed and keeping them clean shouldn’t become a problem or an arduous task for the pool owner. That’s why, some years ago, automatic pool cleaners were invented.
These pool cleaning robots move around the pool floor and also, depending on the model, climb the walls of the swimming pool, automatically sucking up and collecting any particles of dirt they find on their way.

AstralPool cleaners are computer controlled, automatic electronic robots, which suck impurities from the water and deposit them within a filter bag. Their advanced software enables them to automatically calculate the most effective route around the swimming pool, according to its size. All are safe, as their transformer converts 220 V into DC-24 V approved by the CE. Every model undergoes a strict 100% inspection and every motor is tested under strict working conditions. The transformer has IP 64 protection . Maximum particle retention is assured by a 50-micra porosity bag.

Electrical pool cleaners help to save on disinfectant products by removing impurities from the water.

It is very important to order the swimming electrical pool cleaner with the correct brushes, which vary depending on the swimming pool's finish. Making the right choice is very important to ensure the optimum operation of the pool cleaner in the swimming pool.

Zodiac offers us a new electrical cleaners specials the following innovations:

  • Vortex TechnologyTM: powerful and constant cyclonic suction throughout the cleaning cycle.
    By altering the position of the pump motor and the hydraulic flow, our engineers have succeeded in creating the first patented Vortex technology pool cleaner. The Vortex effect creates a powerful whirlpool inside the filter. Debris is maintained in suspension thus avoiding clogging the filter.
  • Hygienic filter compartment: The debris is collected in a separate compartment on the top of the appliance; it can be emptied in one click without coming into contact with its contents.
  • Easy to remove from the pool: front handle + rear water outlet.
  • PVA cleaning brush: for slippery surfaces.
  • IS Track system: Patented gear transmission.
  • Clip&Fix: speedy brush changes.
  • ISS Technology ISS (Intelligent Steering System): intelligent navigation.
  • Bumby brushes: specially adapted to abrasive surfaces such as painted concrete.

Certikin offers us the electrical pool cleaner Typhoon.

The new electrical pool cleaners specials Typhoon is suitable for cleaning residential pools and thanks to its small weight and its PVA brushes, it can also work on china and liner surfaces, collecting any dirt and chemical residues inside its bag.

All electrical pool cleaners Typhoon range are equiped with the AquaSmart. A newsystem which allows Typhoon to change the direction of the pool bottom without any extra mechanism and without losing time, just using one traction motor.

The electrical robot Typhoon has a trolley which be very useful for carryng the Typhoon, the floating cable and the transformer.

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