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Hidraulic Pool Cleaners

There are several types of pool cleaner to choose. In order to recommend the appliance best suited to your needs, several criteria should be taken into consideration :
  • The cleaning performance of the pool cleaners can vary depending on the size, the shape or the depth of your pool. Some cleaners are better adapted to certain pools than others.
  • Your cleaning requirements: Some pool cleaners are faster, more precise, others are autonomous or even remotely controlled, some clean the bottom and the sides, others only the bottom; some models can store the debris in the appliance while others use the existing pool filtration system,...
  • Pool Cleaners vary in price, depending on their technology and cleaning performance, but also on the pool equipment available to use. Some swimming pool cleaners need to be installed with help from your pool professional.

The swimming pool cleaners that use pressure technology use the filtration system as a power source, this technology is even more efficient and precise.

Instead of being connected to the suction, the pressure pool cleaners are connected to the pool water return, via the vacuum socket transformed into a return. Thus the pool skimmers remain active and keep their entire surface filtering capacity.

Pressure pool cleaners use a booster pump.
They operate using high pressure water supplied by an electric booster pump placed close to the filtering system. After having taken the water from the filtering circuit the booster pump sends pressurised water to the vacuum socket piping in order to supply the appliance. The installation of a booster pump is usually carries out by a pool professional.
The pressure pool cleaner moves randomly in the pool and sucks in the debris using a scientific principle called the "Venturi effect" which occurs inside the appliance and turns the water inlet into a powerful suction force.

This characteristic gives them maximum efficiency in the shortest time.

The pressure pool cleaners have a filter bag that collects the debris that is sucked in thus avoiding clogging the pump pre-filter.

Hydraulic suction pool cleaners use the filtering system of the pool as the source of energy. They are connected to the skimmer or the pool cleaner inlet.

The power of the swimming pool pump enables them to move automatically at random, and suction the dirt. These will be stored in the prefilter of the pump and in the filter, and therefore we recommend regular cleaning of the pump pre-filter.

Hydraulic suction pool cleaners can be installed in minutes whitout any tools and requires no alteration to your pool. It can be adopted to flatbottemed or sloped pools and can be used in above ground pools. It works by suction with no need of electricity using the existing filtration system It is supplied with a special hose for greater efficiency. It is a pool cleaner and aslo a mobile main drain. It is supplied with a pressure regulator to ensure constant flow.

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