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Ultramax Electric Pool Cleaner
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Ultramax Electric Pool Cleaner

6,129.00 €
Unique Pool Cleaner Technology

Ultramax, our newest wide body commercial pool cleaner, offers features and performance like no other pool cleaner on the market. Its modern styling and advanced 21st Century technology gives the Ultramax the ability to clean any Olympic or semi-Olympic size pool.

The key to Ultramax's high-performance characteristics is our patented AquaSmart System™. The AquaSmart System is a unique electronic program linked to a sophisticated directional control mechanism. This combination of on-board computer and electro-mechanical design enables the Ultramax to literally map any pool configuration to thoroughly and efficiently clean your aquatic facility in a measured, systematic manner that eliminates wasteful wear & tear overlapping cleaner motions.

The result is a significant increase in reliability and cleaning accuracy superior to that of other swimming pool systems.

Standard features include:

  • Six cleaning programs to choose from.
  • Shuts off automatically after finishing the cleaning cycles.
  • Stainless Steel chassis (the most durable frame of any cleaner maintains perfect mechanics and extends component life insuring durability in heavily used commercial facilities).
  • Air Detection Sensor (Automatically senses air and reverses cleaner back into pool in zero depth entries – i.e. beach entries, handicap ramps, etc. Shuts off cleaner when out of water for extensive period to protect from out of water operation and overheating).
  • Infrared Obstacle Avoidance/Detection Sensor (Detects obstacles such as moveable bulkheads, tile walls and fountains. Thus, avoiding wear and tear wall contact).
  • Radio Remote Control.
  • Advanced Power Supply with LCD display which allows the user to program the Ultramax in accordance with pool needs.

Commercial Power Supply

All our units come with an advanced power supply, thus making them the most versatile Commercial - Public pool cleaners on the market. The totally redesigned LCD display allows a total control of cleaning options. Fully customizable, it comprises six programs to choose from according to pool’s needs.

Detail pool cleaner Detail pool cleaner Detail carry

Calculated ground speed 18 meter/min (70 ft / min)
Calculated scanning rate 865 m2/h (9307 sqft / hr)
Cleaning Programs Six cleaning programs to choose from
Pumping Capacity 37,7 m3/h; 166 gal / min (automatically controlled)
Filter Bag
- Filter area (2 filter bags): 16.6 ft2; 15,500 cm2
- Porosity: 2 x reusable up to 2 micron
Dual pump unit (2 pump motors)
- Power consumption: Up to 230 W
- Voltage: 24 V DC
- Current: Up to 12 A
Power Supply
- Input: 230V / 50 Hz or 115 / 60 Hz (special order)
- Output: 36V DC (without load)
- Capacity: 380 W
Electronic Control Automatic shutdown
Wireless Remote Control Unit
- Transmission up to: 98 ft. (30m)
- Batteries: Lithium 3.6V
- Manual remote control programming:
Dimensions & Weight
- Unit weight (without cable): 45 lbs (20.4 kg).
- Shipping weight: 81.4 lbs. (37 kg)
- Shipping weight including caddy: 114.2 lbs (51.8Kg).
- Shipping dimensions: 34.8 x 20.27 x 21.4 inch (88.5 x 51.5 x 54.5 cm).
- Cable Length: 36 meter (120 feet), 45 meter (150 feet) - special order.

If you are interested in purchasing any spare parts for this cleaner, please do not hesitate to ask the price of the piece you are interested.

User´s manual

Processing Time: 2 business days.

Additional shipping time depends on where you live and which shipping method you choose.

Cable Lenght:
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